How to Fix Carpet Burns

With people coming over to your house, some level of wear and tear is bound to happen with your carpet. Whether you are a smoker or just like curling your hair, accidents can happen with anyone. Unfortunately, cigarette butts and irons can damage your carpets leaving burn marks and holes. Here, hiring carpet repair Melbourne can be expensive for some. But you should not leave your carpets in such condition either.

So, what should one do? To your surprise, with a little patience, you can perform carpet repair Brisbane at home by following our guide. Let’s learn a new skill and fix carpet burns at home!

Gather Supplies

For beginning carpet repairing you need to gather a few tools, and these are:

  • Scrap carpet or donor carpet
  • Scissor
  • Utility knife
  • Brush
  • Double-sided carpet tape

Scrub the Burnt Area

When carpet gets burnt the damaged area gets blackened. You can try to remove this black area by scrubbing them using a brush. This step is necessary if your carpet has small holes. Be gentle when removing burnt fibers from the carpets. In the case of large holes, you can skip this step as the area needs to be cut out.

Find a Donor Carpet

You need to find a donor carpet or scrap carpet that matches exactly with your current carpet. For this, you can look in your storerooms, in case you had kept a few pieces of carpet when the installation was done.

Else you can take a piece of carpet from the area that remains hidden underneath the furniture or bed. Feel free in contacting your carpet’s manufacturer for finding the matching piece.

Cut the Damaged Area

Now, using the utility knife cut out the burnt area from the carpet. Make sure to mark the damaged area forming a square or rectangle so replacing it with a patch can become easy.

Be careful when cutting out the damaged area. Don’t cut deeper as it can remove the carpet padding as well. Make sure to touch only till the carpet is backed.

Use the Cut out Portion as a Template

As you have removed the damaged area forming a square, it is time to use this part as a template. Place this part on the donor carpet and make markings using a pen. Carefully cut out the portion so it can be fixed in the place of the burnt area.

Trim Excessive Portion

See if the donor carpet has any excessive portion by placing it in the empty carpet space. Make sure the donor carpet fits perfectly as a replacement. Trim off any excess portion or threads, if there are any.

Fix the Carpet

After checking the fit of the carpet patch, it is time to fix it. Use double-sided tape for fixing the carpet patch. Make sure your carpet adhesive or tape is longer than your patch.

Securely position the patch on the carpet padding and press it firmly. Leave the carpet undisturbed for a few hours. If possible, place flat heavy objects on the carpet like novels, and furniture.

Final words

That’s how you can fix your burnt carpets at home. Just use a few supplies and get started! In case you are not confident, avail carpet repair services Brisbane and get outstanding results of carpet repair at affordable prices.

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