Yes, Magic Carpet Repairs utilises the latest and specialised equipment to effectively repair your carpets. Each carpet issue has specialised equipment to correctly repair your rugs.

To stretch carpets effectively, we use proven and tested power stretching tools. Our technicians are skilled and licensed to utilise this equipment. You can expect a meticulous and careful method for impressive re-stretching of your carpets with Magic Carpet Repairs.

With a solid reputation and many years of service, Magic Carpet Repairs have a versatile schedule to provide your particular carpet repair needs. We work 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. Our vast protection guarantees a convenient schedule that matches your time.

Yes, our outstanding carpet repair can be availed on weekends as well. Just give us a call so we can address your concerns instantly.

Yes, we can fix carpet burns through our effective carpet patching for your rugs. Cigarette butts are one of the huge contributors to why you get carpet burns. Magic Carpet Repairs can aid you on this problem because our licensed technicians are adept with the proper procedure and information.

Our prices are completely affordable without hidden charges allowing you to secure your carpets looking good as new!

This is a case to case scenario. You can trust our technicians to do the deciding and work on the suitable treatment to make your carpet look good as new!

Magic Carpet Repairs offers stair carpet repair for an affordable price. Often we have to pull out and replace your carpet under the stairs, especially if it has endured severe damage.

Yes, it is highly advisable to do so because we use specialised tools like mini-stretcher to successfully pull out ripples and wrinkles from your carpet. If furniture is not removed, then the restretchng won’t be perfect.

Yes, our emergency carpet repair is available 24/7. We understand that carpets deserve what it’s worth; that is why our technicians take urgent actions to resolve your carpet problem on the same day of your booking.

Here are some helpful tips to take care of your carpet:
  • Avoid cigarette butts or flaming charcoals to fall onto your carpet
  • Prevent water leakage
  • Vacuuming
  • Professional carpet repair for 100% guarantee job well done

Our goal is to provide seamless repair for our beloved customers. This case also varies, so we cannot 100% guarantee that it won’t be noticeable to anyone. However, you can expect our technicians to put tireless effort to meet your satisfaction.

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