DIY carpet overhauling: Inefficient methods

Most of the people are in search of answers to this question. For cost-saving, people try DIY carpet repairing for burns but never succeed in their task. In some scenarios, you must have to take the services of professionals to avoid future consequences.

Don’t rely on google search

When you get burn marks on your carpet, you always go on the internet to search smart methods to handle the situation at a low cost. Google always suggests you for DIY repairing and teaches you some techniques. Please avoid to follow these techniques otherwise your carpet gets damaged badly. Some of these techniques didn’t work or did not do any harm but some are too harmful. Some issues can only be handled by professionals. So always go for a Professional carpet repairing company in this scenario.

DIY carpet overhauling: an ineffective method for burns on the carpet

Rather than searching about the DIY method for repair, search about professional carpet repair companies and contact them. Firstly get an estimate for cost and time for repair then go ahead if the quotation is suitable for you.

Here we discuss some of the harmful DIY methods which internet searches teach you.

Wire wools or scouring pads are not the solutions

If your carpets have burned spots and you have decided to repair by yourself then deeply check your carpet type and then choose which DIY method you are using. If your carpet is Berber or Loop pile then avoid scrubbing with wire wools and scouring pads because it didn’t work on it. If you apply this technique on tufted carpets then you will experience something uneven and your carpets show chaotic patches rather than burn repair. So this option is not good for you in any circumstances.

If you make smart decisions and go for a professional repair, he/ she is equipped with tools specified for this purpose and they solve this matter very easily. Wire wools and scouring pads have some other uses, they are not for burnt carpet repair.

Water and hydrogen peroxide: Worsen the carpet’s condition

From the internet, you will get a suggestion about the usage of hydrogen solution prepared in water. This bleaching agent didn’t work for carpet burns. It is used for colour adjusting or sometimes cleaning depending on carpet type. But in this scenario your carpet piece is burnt, there is no issue with the colour. With the application of hydrogen peroxide solution, you didn’t get the colour of your carpet back. Don’t give attention to these suggestions which not only waste your time but also affect the carpet quality.

Tips about cutting burned

You can find a lot of articles about the tip cutting of burnt areas on the carpet. This is quite a good option if compared with replacing a carpet. But when you cut the burnt tips with scissors there will be a level issue. You can’t manage to keep the level the same or if you keep the level the same then the repaired areas show the difference from the rest of the carpet.

Here you need a professional repair service provider who cuts the tip with a special tool, makes the level the same and gives your carpet a new life.

Cutting burned fibres of the carpet from base

Some of the bloggers suggest to cut the burnt fibre from its base and then attach the new fibre on the same place with glue. This will work for you but for a very short period. When you apply a vacuum for cleaning this attached fibre starts loosening after a few days.

On the other hand, professional carpet repair companies do the same but attach the new fibre in the same way as your carpet manufacturer attached. So in this way, your carpet looks new and it also provides a long life to the carpet.

Approximate carpets repairing cost

Carpets repairing costs differ from one another and it depends on the carpets type, your residential areas, and the type of damage.

Patch repair cost

If you need patch repairing for your carpet it will cost approximately $100 to $200. But it all depends on your area and your carpet specs. Cost also varies according to the patch size. Before getting services always contact the service provider for a quote.

Re-stretching cost for carpets

It depends on the size of the carpet and your area of residence. But normally it costs between $150 to $250 for a single room carpet.

Restoration cost of faded colour

It’s a very complicated type of repair in which many factors affect the cots. Cost depends on the intensity of damage that occurred to the carpet but approximately it costs between $200 to $500. But if you go for spot dying it will cost you much less.

Cost for removal of stains

Again it all depends on the type of stain and its intensity. But normally it costs between $10 to $200.

Cost for overall cleaning of carpets

It costs approximately $0.50 to $1.00 per square foot. But for stair carpets and specialty carpets it costs more than the average.

Cost to repair on flood water damaged carpets

It’s a very crucial situation when water damage occurs to your carpet. You have to spend hundreds of dollars if repair is possible. Otherwise, replacement is the only option left. Professional carpet cleaning companies dry your carpet with different tools in this emergency flooding situation.