Carpet wrinkles: how do they form?

Do you have waves, ripples, buckles, or wrinkles on your carpet? If yes, then you have to know the reasons why they happen and how to fix them. So, if your new house needs carpeting, then you have to understand the struggle required for keeping up with its maintenance.

With constant staining, footing, and a variety of different issues, people have to ensure that they have the best carpet cleaning service on the speed dial. While these issues are quite common, the most fundamental problem that you can face with carpets is wrinkles.

Carpet wrinkles are loose areas, which seem like wrinkles or waves rising from specific surfaces. Commonly, these wrinkles are referred to as buckling. Carpet wrinkles occur when the carpet is not being stretched tightly enough for preventing wrinkles over time. The perfect solution to deal with carpet wrinkles is to hire professional carpet services, which carry out stretching.

For countering this issue effectively, it is important to understand why it happens. Here are some reasons why:

The contribution of humidity

The primary culprit of a wrinkled carpet is often humidity. Usually, this is common when there is a drastic change in climates from winter to summer. Then, the moisture penetrates your carpet and causes the same to swell. Generally, air conditioners and de-humidifiers assist in preventing buckling. However, if the problem has already occurred, then you need to hire a professional to carry out the stretching procedure to deal with the issue.

Avoid dragging heavy items

The buckling of a carpet can be often seen in cases when heavy items like furniture are hauled over its surface. After the item has been dragged across, your carpet begins to tug. So, to avoid carpet buckling, it is best to lift heavy items instead of dragging them.

Improper installation

When you do not hire a proper carpeting service for installing the carpet, you can face problems like carpet wrinkles quicker than you could imagine. Generally, carpets are supposed to be secured in place along the edges using a tack. For this, the proper stretching technique needs to be performed by professionals for reducing the possibility of buckling.

To install a new carpet, professional carpet installers use a power stretcher to mechanically stretch the carpet tight enough for helping prevent wrinkles from forming over the carpet’s lifespan. If a power stretcher has not been used for the installation, then your carpet has not been properly installed. Some professionals use a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher for small areas.

The effects of climate change

Before their installation, if carpets have been stored for a while, then you have to make sure that the climate of the storage and the installation’s area is similar. Otherwise, the carpet has to be left out before installation for avoiding buckling. By doing so, the carpet gets accustomed to the climate. Thus, there are no issues during its installation.

You can contact our professional carpet repair services to repair the carpet buckling. A simple re-stretch of the carpet can resolve the carpet wrinkles issue for once and all. Hopefully, it will also avert any permanent damage to the carpet. However, the outcome may be based on the cause behind your carpet getting wrinkled in the first place.

If your carpet is covered under warranty, then you can try contacting your carpet retailer from where you purchased the carpet and hopefully, they will re-stretch your carpet at no cost to you. If your carpet’s warranty has expired, then hire professionals like us to re-stretch your carpet for a nominal charge. We handle all of your carpet repair and cleaning needs!