Carpet stretching: Why do you need it?

Do you ever experience loose carpet in your home? Have you been looking for a professional carpet stretching or repair company?

We serviced many clients that needed carpet stretching services. We will help you find out why your carpet has ripples and ways to solve this crisis.

Go through this article to know the causes and how to repair stretch your rippled carpet.

Typical causes of carpet ripples

Unprofessional installation of carpets

For a carpet that was recently installed, poor installation may be the leading cause of carpet ripples. If the installer opts to use a knee kicker instead of a power stretcher to save time. For this reason, the carpet might not have been fixed properly.

Most Installers choose quantity over quality because their pay is in yards/sq, thus the more the yards, the higher the pay. Using a knee kicker to install a carpet is faster, but your carpet may start becoming loose after some time.

Unfortunately, you may realize this after the damage is already done. We have encountered customers who have had a bad experience with their installs that they give up in the end.

Poor carpet installation may also disqualify your carpet warranty.

Dampness on carpet

A significant percentage of carpets are made of several layers stuck together by latex. If the latex comes into contact with moisture, it may end up expanding. When the latex becomes dumpy, it expands, causing it to lose its tightness and start forming waves.

If the carpet is not tight enough, you may notice some bubbles forming in the house when you are done cleaning it. Do not blame your carpet cleaner. This means your carpet needs to be stretched.

Dragging of heavy furniture

Pulling heavy furniture on your carpet can damage your carpet or cause it to form waves. To prevent this, you can move heavy furniture using sliders. Be watchful of the loose tack strips, which may also cause carpet ripples. You can strengthen the strips to the wood floor then stretch the carpet.

Commercially installed carpet

The main cause of carpet ripples in commercial carpet installation is because they are mostly glued down. Some installers use less glue, which causes the carpet to form bubbles and wrinkles. Every flooring contractor needs to test the subfloor before installing to determine whether the glue will stick to the floor.

If water or oil spills on the floor and stays for too long without being mopped, it may break the adhesive and cause ripples.

Heavy foot traffic areas

Carpets installed in areas that have high foot traffic may be prone to carpet ripping. Many feet stepping on the carpet (as in corridors) may cause the latex holding the layers together to break down and become loose.

Some cleaners may use harsh solvents to clean the carpet or leave it damp for a long period.

We experience such cases where previous carpet repairs used solvents to remove stains from a carpet which end up making holes through the carpet.

Ensure you contract an experienced local carpet installer with a good reputation.

Your home’s flooring reflects how much you value your home, and it should be done professionally for you to enjoy its luxury for many years.

Go for quality work. Choose a reputable company that will save you the process of repair or stretching. An experienced installer can warrant you for your carpet’s life. It is costly to have to move all your furniture to install a carpet, but it is much more exhausting to realise that you need to repair just a few months after you did your installation due to poor service.

Reach out to us today and let us handle your flooring needs as we keep you stress-free.