Carpet damage and deterioration: how to prevent them?

The role of carpet is very important in the beautiful interior design of your home and office. You know very well that for a relaxing environment, a beautiful interior is much needed.

It’s not something like Aladdin’s flying carpet but still, it requires a handsome amount. While investing a particular amount for carpets you always think that it will remain usable for a long period. Because not only cost but changing the interior after a short period is irritating and it consumes a lot of time.

A clean and hygienic environment always provides a sensation of freshness and healthiness. It’s important to clean your carpets on time otherwise it will start getting damaged and will be a source of microbes or germs for your family.

Maintenance of everything is compulsory for long term use. In your busy routine, you forget to perform maintenance of your carpets, and small wear and tear work converts into major damage.

With continuous usage of carpets, its fabric gets damaged and its colours get faded. This imparts an adverse effect on your interior designing and yes it is painful for you.

Don’t panic about this. We are going to tell you some tips and tricks by which you can prevent your carpets from damaging.

Follow these tips and tricks to avoid early damage:

  • Always rotate your carpets after 3 months to ensure equal exposure of all sides. This will help in avoiding colour differences which may originate if your carpet remains in one position for the whole year.
  • Don’t place heavy furniture on carpets but if compulsory then rotate the furniture weekly to avoid carpet damage. Your carpets colour fade with heavy furniture or its fibre gets damaged. With the continuous repositioning of furniture, you can avoid this scenario.
  • Try to avoid walking on the carpet with shoes, especially with shoes having heels or a hard sole. This will weaken the carpet fibre which results in holes in the carpet and its severe damage. Furthermore hygienically it’s not good keeping in view carpets cleaning.
  • Always place carpet smartly in areas where traffic flow is low. Avoid placing carpets in front of doors and similar high traffic areas. This will make your carpets long-lasting. There is an option of carpet protector but it does not provide an aesthetic look. So the good option is to choose the location wisely.
  • Clean your carpets on a daily basis to prevent it from damage. If dust accumulates in the carpet, it penetrates deeply and it will also create health problems along with carpet damage. Furthermore with the passage of time dust accumulates under the carpet and dirty carpets show wear signs early. The solution to this problem is vacuum cleaning on a routine basis and always do vacuum cleaning in a single direction to avoid dust.
  • Avoid direct placement of carpet under sunlight. It will result in quality deterioration or colour fading. The portion of the carpet under direct sunlight shows a difference in colour over time and it seems different from other portions of the carpet. If no other option is available then follow the first rule of rotation. Rotate carpet monthly to avoid colour differences and early aging.
  • If the edges of your carpet are twisted, follow the simple formula of flipping the carpet thoroughly from one to the other end. It will resolve the twisting issues of edges. If it didn’t work then shake the edges smoothly hopefully it will resolve your issue.