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Magic Carpet Repairs is a leading carpet repair company in Melbourne, Victoria. We have vast experience in this line of business. Our customer’s satisfaction is our motivation to constantly make our services do better than before. To ensure high-quality standard results, we have a team of one of the best carpet repairers. Our certified professionals have vast knowledge and skills to carry out the carpet repairs, restretching and patching work efficiently.

We have different teams of professionals who are assigned to do a quality inspection, monitor work progress, and supervise the work in progress to assure that the repairs are well taken care of.

As we aim in delivering top-notch quality service, our certified carpet repair experts have fully equipped themselves with the essential machinery, equipment, and tools. This is to assure that the repair works are done smoothly and efficiently. We always strive to make our customers satisfied with our carpet repair services.

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    Services that we offer:

    • Carpet repair service
    • Carpet re-stretching and stretching service
    • Carpet flood and water damage restoration
    • Carpet patching service
    • Carpet stain removal service

    The benefits of availing our top-notch Services

    • Team of highly qualified professionals.
    • Accredited carpet repair company.
    • Emergency and same day carpet repair services.
    • Budget-friendly

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    Why Magic Carpet Repairs?

    Magic Carpet Repairs is a well-known name in Victoria for repairing carpets. We have been providing the most high-quality results of rectification to our customers in Melbourne and across Victoria.

    Our clients are very satisfied with the outcome. Our responsibility is to deliver satisfactory results at an affordable price. Our team of experts is very devoted to helping you restore your valuable carpet.

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