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Carpet repairs Melbourne

Magic Carpet Repairs provides comprehensive carpet repairs in Melbourne. Our recognised experience has made our customers very pleased with the carpet restoration service that we provide to Melburnians.

We guarantee our clients an extraordinary result in securing your carpet looking brand-new. Our team consists of approved technicians in carpet repair and restoration that are well trained with proven experience.

Same-day Carpet Repair in Melbourne

We provide same-day carpet repairs and restoration services across Melbourne. Damaged carpets are not safe as they can cause minor accidents and could prove fatal. When you need same-day service in Melbourne, we are at your peril 24 hours a day. We can rectify your damaged carpet within the day without difficulties as we have one of the best equipment and solutions.

Our 24-hours same-day support team can book your service 24/7. Any time of the day we'll deliver the same-day carpet repair in Melbourne. Grab your phone now and we’ll give you an immediate response.

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    Emergency carpet repair in Melbourne

    We have experienced technicians that can provide emergency carpet repair in Melbourne. We are responsive to your urgent requests. Our licensed carpet technicians are competent in delivering high-quality results.

    The emergency carpet repair service is open 24 hours to help you. We are motivated by one purpose which is ensuring you the most excellent experience.

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    Carpet Patching

    Carpet Restretching

    Carpet Restoration

    Residential carpet repairs Melbourne

    We offer comprehensive home carpet repairs in Melbourne for more than a decade. Our carpet professionals are recognised in producing outstanding results at an affordable rate offered to renters and homeowners.

    We have a strong history of domestic carpet restoration that merited us to be one of the best choices in Melbourne. We are committed and dedicated to quality service.

    We are a notably preferred residential carpet repairer and restorer company in Melbourne. We provide home carpet restoration such as repairing carpet burns, fraying, fixing joins including splits, pet damage, mould elimination and carpet restoration.

    Household carpet repair is part of our specialisation and giving you the most reliable carpet rectification is our pleasure in attaining the high-quality standard.


    Commercial carpet repairs Melbourne

    Our certified specialists can also provide office carpet repairs in Melbourne. The size of your carpet doesn't matter because we are well equipped with proven years of experience in delivering the highest quality restoration in the city.

    Obtaining a new carpet is very costly. However, paying less by having it repaired can save you a lot. Our most top-rate standard processes guarantee you a satisfying result. We strive in restoring carpets that are torn, baggy, worn out, fuzzy, burn, or stains to their natural state. 

    It’s not tough for us to fulfil the operation in treating office carpet. We are trustworthy carpet repairers that thoroughly meets customer's satisfaction.

    Affordable carpet repair services

    The cost of our carpet repair is inexpensive. We offer you an affordable carpet repairing solution. Our diverse methods are reasonable yet we produce high-class quality work.

    We have accredited carpet specialists offering low-cost carpet rectification and restoration. Our excellent results will take your worries away. We’ll flawlessly transform your carpet into a new one.

    Carpet patching service in Melbourne

    Carpet patching service in Melbourne, by our approved technicians, covers from mending tiny to huge charred or scratched sections of the carpet.

    Our carpet patching is oftentimes the common type of carpet repair we come across in Melbourne. We insert similar patches in a swap for the damaged area of the carpet.

    You can also use patching for stain repairs. Commonly, we take off the damaged area and exchange it with a new material that mirrors the carpet surface area. Otherwise, we’ll cut a little section of the carpet and use it for patching.

    Carpet restretching services

    Magic Carpet Repairs provides carpet restretching services for your saggy and loose carpet. We are experts in carpet restretching suitable for numerous varieties of carpet textile.

    Our carpet restretching job covers from wobbly carpet, rippled and crumpled carpet, wavy carpets, and others that are alike. These horrible carpets require restretching and can be easily corrected by our qualified specialists.

    We strive to flawlessly re-stretch your carpet to prevent from wear and tear over a while. Loose carpet is dangerous for it can cause accidents or trippings. We utilised specific tools and equipment to get more trimmed and fitted carpet.

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    Varied carpet repair and restoration services

    Our range of carpet repair and restoration services has assisted several residents in Melbourne for the past years up until today.

    Burn repair

    Don’t worry about your burnt carpet. Getting a new one is not even a suitable answer as it costs you a lot. Let our skilful carpet professionals do the work for you at the most affordable price.

    Fraying and seam repair

    Carpet fraying and split seams repair in Melbourne is done when loose and excess fibres are coming out from the carpet. We fix by trimming split fibres then seal it by stitching.

    Fixing carpet joins and splits

    Fixing carpet joins and splits is an effortless work for us. We can restore it on same-day. Our licensed carpet professional can do a prompt and perfect result in no time.

    Pet damaged carpet repairs

    Pets at your residence can do great damage to your carpets. They are charming but the damage caused by them is inevitable and you’ll need professional help to repair carpets.

    Stain repair

    It's difficult to remove stains all by yourself. Our carpet stain repair assuredly delivers the best method in fixing your stained carpet. We remove the damaged section and replace it with similar material.

    Carpet hole repair

    Carpet hole repair is one of our in-demand services in Melbourne. We can help you in getting your carpet back to its normal state. We can also do same-day hole repair at your most comfortable time.

    Fixing carpet stairs

    We are excellent for fixing carpet stairs. Loose carpet on stairs can be fixed by refitting the carpet. Furthermore, we are required to lift and refit the whole carpet on stairs for better results.


    Visible unwanted excess threads that are coming out from your carpet is troublesome. Getting rid of them by your bare hands will only increase the damage. It is best to hire qualified specialists like us to provide you with the best outcomes.

    Water damage repairs

    Mould growth is usually caused by water when not extracted instantly. This nature of the damage is usually caused by a burst pipe, water spillage, or flood damage. We provide carpet damage repairs assuring you of the most competent procedure to rectify it.

    Mould removal

    Damp or water causes your carpet to mould if not treated immediately. Moulds should be removed instantly as you notice it. We remove it by extracting excess dampness from the carpet and by making use of modern equipment in delivering our job fast with trustworthy results.

    Affordable and budget-friendly prices

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    100% guaranteed results on carpet repairs in Melbourne

    We provide 100% fulfilling results in meeting our customers demand. Our certified specialists provide guaranteed carpet repair in Melbourne.

    We conduct the most steadfast carpet repair and restoration creating a brand-new look. Our customers are very gratified with the outcomes.

    The current methods and techniques have made us competent and an excellent choice for our customers.

    We assure great quality work with outstanding results. We thoughtfully outline the procedures and carefully perform the work for a better carpet repair experience to our valued customers.

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